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    Product Descriptions

    Key Ring with #10 Magnum PreyFish® Spinner Blades

    • Seven life-like bait fish images $4.49 each
    • Great Unique Key Ring for Your Boat or Vehicle
    • Includes Blade of your choice and metal key ring
    • Blade Dimensions 3 " long by 1 3/4" wide
    #10 Magnum PreyFish Musky Blade Colors
    Yellow Perch
    Yellow Perch Preyfish Blade Walleye Preyfish Blade Cisco Preyfish Blade Crappie Preyfish Blade
    Black Sucker
    Silver Shiner
    Shad/Whitefish Preyfish Blade Black Sucker Preyfish Blade Silver Shiner Preyfish Blade

    The #10 Magnum PreyFish Blades are a breakthrough technology, PreyFish Imagining, the industry’s most natural bait fish pattern Muskie blades.

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