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JBX Series Crank Bait
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    JBX Series Crank Bait

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    • Price: $4.59 for 3.3" & $4.99 for 4"

    The Bait Rigs Jerk Bait Xtreme (JBX) series crank baits are as good as it gets in fishing. This Jerk Bait Xtreme series comes in 3.3” and 4” length, and is one of the best performing jerk baits on the market.

    The JBX has a very unique weight transfer system that creates an incredible unique low frequency thud, unlike other baits that have high pitched rattles.

    How to Fish: Twitch, twitch pause and hang onto your rod as bass, walleye, trout cannot resist this bait as it hangs in the water column.

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