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     Big Thump without the Big Drag!

Esox Cobra WilloBeast  XXX Bucktail
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    No Leverage
    Hooking System
    No Leverage
Hooking System
    *Unique Swivel assembly reduces a Muskie's ability to twist, turn and "leverage" the hook against the shaft. Puts more fish in the Boat!
    Blade Tamer Feature
    Blade Tamer
    *Unique Kink shank design restrains fly away blades, eliminating frustrating wrapped blade, leader fouling problems.
    Esox Cobra® WilloBeast™ XXX Bucktail

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    Price: $29.98

    50 inch Muskies Caught on the Willobeast Action Tail Bucktail

    Featuring the World's Largest, #11 WilloBeast™ Blades
    • More Flash (Vs #10 Mags)
    • More Speed (Vs #10 Mags)
    • Big Thump without the Big Drag!
    • Cover More Water
    • Super Trolling Bait
    • Super Search Bait
    • Anti-Fouling Blade Tamer
    • No Leverage Hooking System
    • 2 Each 7/0 Mustad Treble hooks
    • Custom XXX Skirt
    • Designed by Steve Herbeck

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    The WilloBeast™ XXX Bucktail features Double #11 WilloBeast Blades, exhibiting unequalled action and flash. According to Steve Herbeck, WilloBeasts look completely different, "I got goose bumps the first time I saw the bait in the water. This super search bait calls fish in from longer distances and covers more water than other double bladed spinners. A side benefit that I really appreciate is the easy pull, compared to other double #10 Magnum spinners."

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