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ESOX Cobra Jig head with Casting Leader
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    PMTT Champion

    FireTiger True Color Glow night photo

    ESOX Cobra® Jig heads with Casting Leader

    • Available in 1/2, 3/4, & 1 oz sizes with 5/0 Big Bite Nickel Plated Mustad® Ultra-Point® Hook
    • Price 1/2 oz. $5.39 - 3/4 oz. $5.67 - 1 oz. $5.94 each
    • 7 strand 45 pound leader with swivel (approx 10 inch long)
    • Excellent for Saltwater Sand Flat Fishing

    Read about the Esox Cobra and Magnum Cobra Jigs in The Next Bite – ESOX Angler Magazine

    Esox Cobra® Muskie Jig Proclaimed, "World's Best Pike Jig"

    Esox Cobra Testimonials

    The Esox Cobra® Jig is designed with input from legendary Muskie expert Steve Herbeck.

    The Esox Cobra Jig, is ideal for shallow water, slow fall and slop presentations. The new Glow Firetiger color has been added. This exciting strontium based glow color, Glows-In-Color. Glow Firetiger Cobras are ideal for night bite, low light and dark water presentations.

    The Esox Cobra Jig is a finesse swimmer head designed specifically for Muskie and Pike utilizing a variety of plastic body baits. The patented and trademarked Cobra Jig imparts a unique swimming, gliding action, when used with lizards, creatures, reapers and other plastic body baits.

    The Esox Cobra Jig is simply the ultimate finesse jig for the serious Muskie hunter. The Cobra Jig can be used with lighter line (12# to 20#) and medium to medium heavy action spinning or bait casting combos. The ideal jig design for those who like finesse presentations.

    The Esox Cobra Jig used with plastic body baits requires 2-1/2 times less penetration force than conventional jigs.

    The Esox Cobra Jig penetrates weeds making it an amazing jig for penetrating cover. The unique shape of the Cobra's hook allows the exposed hook to slip through weeds; a shake of the rod when the jig contacts weeds, cleans the bait free and keeps the jig moving. Rarely are weeds brought back to the boat. For maximum effect, a rubber band weed guard can be attached between the hook barb and the eyelet.

    The Esox Cobra Jig has superior hook and hold power. The unique design of the Cobra Jig features a big bite Mustad® Ultra-Point® Hook that penetrates and locks-up on a fish's jaw with amazingly little effort. Hard fighting fish have extreme difficulty shaking the hook.

    The Esox Cobra Jig aids the catch and release process by minimizing hook damage. In contrast to the Cobra Jig's superior hook and hold characteristic, once caught, it is amazingly easy to remove the hook and release the fish unharmed. This is due to the Cobra's small barb and hook diameter.

    The Esox Cobra Jig comes in (4) sizes, 1/2, 3/4, 1 and 1 1/2 oz and is available in (6) color choices. All Jigs feature a 5/0 Mustad® Big Bite Ultra-Point® Hook.

    To Achieve Maximum Action with reapers and other plastics, we recommend "over rigging". This rigging technique produces a strike triggering wide wobble with reapers and other body baits. Over Rig for max action

    Rigged with a Quick Strike Sucker Rig

    Weedless Setup

    Fishing Tips:

    • BITE DETECTION: Do not expect hard strikes when using jigs. Muskie and pike will typically inhale jigs. This type of bite feels like a LIGHT TICK and the hook should be SET IMMEDIATELY after the tick is felt.
    • PRESENTATION: Jigs and plastics are ideal presentations in Spring and Fall, cold fronts, or as substitutes for live bait. Jigs will penetrate heavy cover, making them ideal in weed and wood.

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