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Deep Willospoons
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    Deep Willospoons

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    Deep Willospoon True Color Glow night photo
    3/4 oz Deep Willospoon®
    • Price - $2.59 each
    • Unique Flutter Spoon Action
    • Rattle Willow Blade
    • Range to 60 Feet
    • Great with Live Bait

    The Deep Willospoon®, a known big fish producer, now features all new strontium based Super Glow-In-Color finishes. These brighter, longer lasting, 2-tone glow colors actually Glow-In-Color. Glow-In-Color Deep Willospoons® are available in (5) 2-tone patterns. Glow-In-Color Deep Willospoons® are ideal for night bites, low light and dark water presentations.

    The Deep Willospoon® has produced one of the largest Walleyes ever caught in North America. The 16lb-10oz fish measured 34" in length and had a girth of 21". The monster Walleye was caught vertical jigging a Deep Willospoon® on the Red River by Daryl Landygo.

    The Deep Willospoon® is a breakthrough in deep water jigging spoons. The Deep Willospoon® is a flutter jigging spoon and combines the subtle slow action of a lighter flutter spoon with the weighted characteristics of a deep water jigging spoon. The result is a jigging spoon that can get deep, yet exhibits the tantalizing action of a lighter flutter spoon. The effective range of the Deep Willospoon® is 60 feet.

    The unique action of the Deep Willospoon® is achieved by its shape, combining just the right proportion of surface area and weight distribution. The Deep Willospoon® is a noisy spoon. It incorporates a small willow blade attached to a split ring that functions independently from the spoon and imparts additional flash, vibration and sound as it rattles against the hook.

    The Deep Willospoon® is extremely versatile and effective as a jigging spoon, swimming spoon and flutter spoon when used for vertical jigging, casting, drifting or slow trolling presentations.

    The Deep Willospoon® uses a Mustad round bend treble hook for maximum gap. The 3/4 oz Deep Willospoon® is available in (1) Super Glow-In-Color 2-tone finishes as well as a hammered nickel, copper and 14k gold.

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