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AstroBrite #2 Indy 3 Packs
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    #2 and #3 Indiana AstroBrite Blade 3 Packs

    Finishes combine metallic, fluorescent and crystalina to produce shimmering tones and subtle hues that simulate the Walleye's preferred baitfish. AstroBrite Colorado Blades feature a Deep-Cup High Lift blade design that produces twice the vibration and lift of conventional blades.

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    When selecting Blade sizes for Walleyes, do what the Pro's do and consider the size of the body of water as a starting point. Rule of thumb for bodies of water less than 10,000 acres is to start with a #2 blade and work up in size as the situation dictates. For bodies of water over 10,000 acres and larger start with a #5 blade and work down in size. Remember that larger blades represent larger forage. The general idea is to match the spinner rig size & color to the forage in the system.

    Once the size of the blade has been determined the next consideration is color. Conventional wisdom tells us to use traditional fluorescent colors in dark water and metallic colors in clear water. Today's blades have taken that conventional wisdom to a higher level. The AstroBrite series of Bait Fish patterns actually mimics forage, making it easier to match the blade to the available forage in a given system. Blade colors like; Yellow Perch, Sunfish, White Perch, Cisco, Emerald Shiner, Rainbow and Red Tail Chub are excellent Walleye forage patterns. For Dark or turbid waters use Blaze Orange or WonderGlow (glow-in-dark) colors.

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