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Odd'Ball Jig - The Titter Totter - Stand-up Jig
Explained by Joe Puccio, Bait Rigs Tackle

Odd'Ball Jig

  • Use for Walleye, Bass, Pike & Catfish
  • Available in 6 sizes 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 5/8 & 3/4 oz

Unique Teeter Totter Vertical Jigging Action:┬áThe Odd’ball Jig exhibits a unique teeter totter action when it is vertically jigged. This feature sets the Odd’ball Jig apart from all other conventional jigs and allows anglers to impart a strike triggering action into dead-rigged shiners and other bait when jigged vertically.

Breakthrough for Bucktails!
Preyfish Blade Imaging
WilloBeast XXX PreyFish Bucktail By Bait Rigs Tackle

WilloBeast Bucktails feature the worlds largest #11 Willow blade and all new, PreyFish imaged blades.  These KEY FEATURES produce a completely new, natural bait fish look and vibration and can be fished faster, deeper and cover more water than traditional big blade bucktails.

Viper 2, Preyfish Mag 10 Bucktail By Bait Rigs Tackle

Viper 2 Mag 10 Bucktails feature an all new look and two important design advantages.  These KEY FEATURES include an anti-fouling "Blade Tamer", a No Leverage Hooking system and all new PreyFish imaged blades for a more natural presentation.

Odd'Ball Jig Ice Fishing By Bait Rigs Tackle

Odd'Ball Jigs & Odd'Ball Walleye Ice Fishing Kit 12.5 lbs. 31" Walleye Caught by Dale Stroschein

White Fish Rig By Bait Rigs Tackle

Whitefish Rig - Mark Romanack of Fishing 411 TV teams up with Wisconsin Guide Ron Bergman to target some winter whitefish on Green Bay using the new Bait Rigs Whitefish Rig.

Viper Spinnerbait By Bait Rigs Tackle

Viper Spinnerbaits feature thumping Mag 10 blades and dual 9/0 single hooks. This KEY FEATURE makes the high vibration, weedless Viper, an ideal bait for working weeds and wood in dark water and low light conditions.

Viper Spinnerbait running just below the surface By Bait Rigs Tackle

Viper Spinnerbaits displaces a huge attracting bulge and vortex behind the bait when retrieved just below the surface. This KEY FEATURE makes the weedless, stable Viper, an ideal sub-surface bait for working weeds and wood.

WilloBeast Spinnerbait By Bait Rigs Tackle

The WilloBeast Spinnerbait combines the #11 WilloBeast blade (the worlds largest willow) and dual deep-cup #7 Colorados for maximum flash. This KEY FEATURE makes the SUPER FLASHER WilloBeast Spinnerbait the ultimate search bait, making it possible to attract fish from extremely long distances. Steve Herbeck has reported turning shallow water fish around from over 30 feet away.

Tandem Spinnerbait By Bait Rigs Tackle

Tandem Willow Spinnerbait features #6 and #8 willow blades that run fast and skinny in cover. This KEY FEATURE makes the Fast & Skinny Tandem Willow the perfect trouble free search bait for working weed beds and timber laden areas.

Slo-Poke GrubMaster Jig By Bait Rigs Tackle

Mustad® Slow Death Hook Video