4" Spring Shad Swimbait
    Close 4" Spring Shad Swimbait

    Product Descriptions

    • ½ oz. Small 6 Segment Jointed Sinking Swimbait
    • 4" Long
    • Slow Sink Rate about 8”-10” per second
    • #4 Super sharp VMC treble hooks
    • Realistic Colors & Action.

    The 4” Spring Shad Swimbait has a realistic swimming action and bite size profile. This compact combination makes an irresistible swimbait, sure to attract the strikes of even reluctant fish. The 4” Spring Shad swimbait is available in 7 lifelike colors.

    How to use: Use on 8-10 lb. monofilament or fluorocarbon line on 6’6”-7’, Med-Med/Light rod. Cast and wait 3-4 seconds to get it down in the 4 foot range, and then retrieve it with a tight pop-pop-pop retrieve. If you want to get it down deeper in the 10-15 foot range, then wait 10-12 seconds. Use it like a top water popper with a pop-pop-pop, pause retrieve. The action you will see is a tight side-to-side action. If you want a wider side-to-side action, then give it a big pop, pause, then big pop again. The pause is important because fish will strike most of the time on the pause.

    Where to use: Find a weedline on your graph, then pull out and fish parallel on the inside or out of the weedline. If you are fishing the Delta, when tide is high, fish on INSIDE of weedline, if tide is low, fish OUTSIDE of weedline. Find rocky shores with depth in the 5 foot range that drops down deep to 10-20 feet. Find stick-ups (trees/bushes) in the water and cast in between open branches. Find rocky or stick-up points where it gradually drops in depth.

    Trolling: Use on downriggers, lead core line or 3-way rig. Use lighter line than main line on weight in case weight gets snagged. Use 4’-5’ leader from 3-way swivel to lure.

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