Major Minnow 4" Jerkbait
    Close Major Minnow 4" Jerkbait

    Product Descriptions

    • 4" Major Minnow 40 (floater)
    • ½ oz. 4” Floating, Diving, Jerkbait
    • Will dive from 1 to 4’
    • #6 Super sharp VMC treble hooks
    • Slim look and tight wiggle action

    The Major Minnow 40 works great during spring and summer when fish are active and want a medium to fast moving presentation. The Major Minnow produces an erratic darting, side-to-side and up-and-down action. The Major Minnow 40 also works well as a trolling lure.

    How to use: Use on 8-10 lb. monofilament or fluorocarbon line on 6’’-7’, Med-Med/Light rod. Cast with a steady retrieve. Alternate a pop and pause retrieve. At times, cast and wait 2-3 seconds and then retrieve it with a tight pop-pop, pause retrieve. The action you will see is a tight side-to-side action. The pause is important, it taunts the fish most strikes happen on the pause.

    Where to use: Cast in middle of branches that are sticking out of water or close to shore as you can or near shallow rocky areas or out in the middle of a deep channel that has cover. Find rocky shores with depth in the 5 foot range that drops down deep to 10-20 feet. Find stick-ups (trees/bushes) in the water and cast in between open branches. Find rocky or stick-up points where it gradually drops in depth.

    Trolling: Use on downriggers, lead core line or 3-way rig. Use lighter line than main line on weight in case weight gets snagged. Use 4’-5’ leader from 3-way swivel to lure. Since lure floats, go down 4’-5’ deeper than where you graph bait ball.

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