5.5" Jack The Ripper (suspending)
    Close 5.5" Jack The Ripper (suspending)

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    5.5" Jack The Ripper - Suspending
    • 1 ½ oz. Suspending Jointed Jerkbait
    • 5 ½" Long
    • #2 Super Sharp Red, Short Shank VMC Treble Hooks.
    • Realistic Colors & Action.
    • Recommend line: 12-15 lbs.

    The Jack The Ripper is great for spring and summer time bait when fish are suspended. Fish it fast or slow, cast or troll. Nice action that will trigger those strikes. Suspends 4'-6' depending on line size. 5 ½” in length, 1 ½ oz. weight oz.

    The Jack The Ripper has a tight wiggle when trolled, wide side to side action when jerked retrieved. Retrieve to desired depth, then twitch bait to give it a wide side-to-side action, or stop & go retrieve.

    Excellent for Striper, Largemouth, Smallmouth & Spotted Bass, for trolling use for Striper, Lake Trout, Kokanee & Salmon.

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