S-Defender 4.5 Sinking
    Close S-Defender 4.5 Sinking

    Product Descriptions

    • 1/2 oz. Three-segment jointed Jerkbait
    • 4.5" long with Slow sinking action
    • #4 Red Super Sharp VMC treble hooks
    • Realistic Colors & Action

    The S-Defender lure dives 2 - 4 feet Medium retrieve will give a tight wiggle action. Catches striper, trout, smallmouth, largemouth, spotted bass, great for trolling for big brown and kokanee trout. Unique swimming action along with strong wire design our line of hard bait are capable to withhold 16 to 52 pounds of pressure.

    How to use: Rig the Defender with 10 to 14 pound test monofilament or fluorocarbon line on a 6’ 6” lite to medium action rod. Cast & slow retrieve back or use like a jerkbait to give erratic action to trigger bite. 

    Where to use: Cast in middle of branches that are sticking out of water or close to shore as you can or near shallow rocky areas or out in the middle of a deep channel that has cover. Find rocky shores with depth in the 5 foot range that drops down deep to 10-20 feet. Find stick-ups (trees/bushes) in the water and cast in between open branches. Find rocky or stick-up points where it gradually drops in depth.

    Trolling: Use on downriggers, lead core line or 3-way rig. Use lighter line than main line on weight in case weight gets snagged. Use 4’-5’ leader from 3-way swivel to lure.

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