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Intimidator Craw
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    New! - Super Salty with Garlic Scent!

    • Price- $4.29 for 8 count pac
        $46.99 per 100 count bag

      This craw is like no other craw on the market. His 5 1/2 inch body has the same characteristic large 3/4 in. rings that has made his worm cousin. The Intimidator, so effective on Bass. In addition he has extra-long pincher-arms that cause his extra buoyant pinchers to float up in a defensive position. His large head area allows for easy insertion of a rattle. The Intimidator Craw’s soft, yet durable body, is salt and garlic impregnated causing the fish to hold on to it longer. It can be fished Texas-rigged as a craw worm, Carolina-rigged or as a jig trailer. For best hooking results use a 2/0, 3/0 or 4/0 wide-gap hook when fishing Texas rigged or Carolina-rigged.

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