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4 inch Intimidator  Tube
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    Springtime Largemouth Caught on a Sizzle color Intimidator Tube
    Springtime largemouth Caught On a Sizzle Color Intimidator Tube

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    • Price - $4.29 per 8 count pack
    • $24.50 per 50 count bag
    • $44.99 per 100 count bag
    • $109.99 per 250 count bag
    • Super Salty with Garlic Scent!

    The Intimidator Tube is truly different from other tubes on the market. It is a true 4 in. tube. The plastic is soft, yet extremely durable. You will notice uniform coloring of the tubes in every bag. Each tentacle on the skirt is uniformly cut and longer that others on the market, thus providing more life-like action. The ISG Intimidator Tube has a thicker wall because it is double-dipped, making it more durable. Each tube is salt-impregnated, garlic scented and releases a unique fish attracting taste when activated by water.

    The Intimidator Tube is endorsed by bass fishing legend, Joe Balog, Everstart National Champion as the most effective double-dipped tube-bait available in the market today no question.

    The Intimidator Tube is fished very effectively on the Darter Head Jig.

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    Reviewer: Mark CA 01/21/2006
    I have caught Large and smallmouth Bass with these tubes. I have even caught walleye with the Erie Green color. The Intimidator tube is my first pick when I go out fishing. My favorite way to rig is with a 3/0 EWG hook with no weight. If I do need weight I use a sliding bullet weight.