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Willys Bass Intimidator Skirted Grub
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    The Willy's Intimidator Skirted Grub is like no other grub on the market today. This skirted grub is 4 1/2 in. long with a twin curly tail. The giant ribs extend 3/4 in of the way around the body, leaving a flat stomach. This design adds to the mass of the grub, reduces its fall rate and increases the vibration. Each tentacle on the patented skirt has small rings around it to increase the pulsating action of the skirt and also preventing the tentacles from sticking together, like conventional plastic skirts.

    Every Willy's Intimidator Skirted Grub is one piece, not fused, thus eliminating the problem of the skirt separating from the body. The Intimidator Skirted Grub is soft yet has the same durability as the other members of the Intimidator family, allowing the angler to catch more fish on each bait.

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