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Willy's Bass Intimidator 4 inch Hypertail Grub
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    Willy's™ Bass Intimidator™ 4" Hypertail© Grub
    • $3.99 per 10 count pack
    • $36.00 per 100 count bag
    • Salty & Garlic Scented

    The "foot" at the tip of the tail is the key to Hypertail's unique action and slow fall. The Hypertail grub is worked effectively on the ISG Elite Series Darter-head jig and Weed-less Stand-up jig. It has enough length and body bulk to be effective when flipped Texas-rigged. The Hypertail is being offered in the 6 most popular Garland colors, plus 4 new colors.

    Take the Hypertail design, in 10 fish-catching colors, add some salt salt and garlic, and you have the most effective grub available to the angler today.

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