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4 inch Dream Tube
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    7.2 LBS Smallmouth Caught on a Road Kill Camo Dream Tube
    7.2 LBS Smallmouth Caught on a Road Kill Camo Dream Tube

    7 LBS Smallmouth Caught on a Smoke Purple Black Dream Tube
    7 LBS Smallmouth Caught on a Smoke Purple Black Dream Tube

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    • Pricing: 8-count bags - $5.19
    • 50-count bags - $31.50
    • 100-count bags - $59.00
    • 250-count Bag - $131.50
    • Super Salty with Garlic Scent!
    • "QUAD-DIPPED" for larger profile

    David Hayward Fishing with a watermelon and gold flake ISG Dream Tube, was able to capture his first EverStart Title. His incredible 17 pound 15 ounce stringer was more than enough to secure his place in the winner's circle.

    Finally, a tube every tube angler has dreamed of----The Dream Tube. ISG teamed up with Great Lakes experts Joe Balog, 2001 Everstart National Champion, Steve Clapper, won multiple Great Lakes championships and David Hayward, who also has won multiple Great Lakes' championships. The objective = design the ultimate tube. We have accomplished our mission with the Dream Tube. The Dream Tube is a true 4 in. tube, with a 2 in. body and a hand cut 2 in. skirt. The Dream Tube is "QUAD-DIPPED", which gives it twice the wall thickness of any premium tube on the market today. This extra thickness gives the tube more buoyancy, more durability and allows us to use TWICE the salt and garlic. Due to it's increased buoyancy, the skirt of the Dream Tube "swims"---like real prey.
    These Dream Tubes are being introduced in 27 Great Lakes Series colors. 12 colors have been picked by Balog, Clapper and Hayward to be the best Smallmouth Bass producers on the Great Lakes and similar waters---EVER!!

  • Quad-dipped = larger profile
  • Quad-dipped = very soft
  • Quad-dipped = very durable
  • Quad-dipped = slow, realistic fall
  • Supper salty = bass love salt
  • Tip - Try Carolina or Texas rigged with a 4/0 or 5/0 extra wide gap or megabite hook.

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    Reviewer: Mark CA 01/21/2006
    I have caught tons of Large and Smallmouth Bass with these tubes. The Dream Tube or the Intimidator tube is my first pick when I go out fishing. My favorite way to rig is with a 3/0 EWG hook with no weight. If I do need weight I use a sliding bullet weight. My favorite colors are Light Melon Pepper and Watermelon Red.