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8 inch Willy's Rigged Scented Worm
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    The Willy's Worm is available in 6 in. and 8 in. sizes with standard and weedless hooks in 29 fish catching colors. All Willy's worms have 3 each #4 Mustad hooks pre rigged on a monofilament leader. Every Willy's Worm has that unique cork screw action that all types of fish cannot resist. It is very important to use use a high quality ball bearing swivel in front of leader to get the desired cork screw action.

    Willy's Worm's are ideal for the for all fishermen from novice to pro just cast it out and retrieve slowly or very slowly. The Willy's worm also works great for dead sticking. Each worm is scented with a grape scent that has proven effective for many, many years.

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