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8 inch Bass Intimidator Worm
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    The 8 inch Intimidator has the same extraordinary fish catching characteristics as its 6 inch brother, only bigger. This 8 inch worm, with its large 3/4 in. rings, provides the ultimate in fish attracting vibration. The Intimidators mass allows a fish to see its silhouette in the dirtiest of water. This mass and the Intimidators paddle-tail make it the slowest falling worm available today. This gives fish plenty of time to zero in on it. The Intimidators soft, yet durable body, and garlic scent, causes fish to hold on to it longer. It can be fished Texas-rigged, Carolina-rigged or weightless as a soft jerk-bait. For best hooking results use a 3/0, 4/0 or 5/0 off-set, wide gap hook.

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