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Stizostedion vitreum

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Habitat: North America: St. Lawrence-Great Lakes, Arctic, and Mississippi River basins from Quebec to Northwest Territories in Canada, south to Alabama and Arkansas in the USA. Widely introduced elsewhere in the USA, including Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific drainages. Rarely found in brackish waters of North America.

Biology: Occurs in lakes, pools, backwaters, and runs of medium to large rivers. Prefers large, shallow lakes with high turbidity. Feeds at night, mainly on insects and fishes (prefers yellow perch and freshwater drum but will take any fish available) but feeds on crayfish, snails, frogs, mudpuppies, and small mammals when fish and insects are scarce. Although not widely farmed commercially for consumption, large numbers are hatched and raised for stocking lakes for game fishing. Utilized fresh or frozen; eaten pan-fried, broiled, microwaved and baked.

Angling: The walleye is one of the most highly prized game fishes in Canada and United States. Thousands are caught each year during their spring spawning runs. Walleyes are primarily minnow feeders, but leeches, small bullheads, nightcrawlers, and various small plugs are favorite baits. In clear waters, walleyes usually stay in deeper areas during the day, moving into the shallows at night. In more turbid waters, they can be caught throughout the day. The large, unusual eyes of the walleye are designed to help them easily find their prey.