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Northern Pike
Esox lucius

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Habitat: Pike, common name of several species of carnivorous, freshwater game fishes characterized by elongated bodies and bill-like snouts. The best-known member is the northern pike, which grows to about 1.4 m (about 4.5 ft) and ranges through northern latitudes of North America, Europe, and Asia. The muskellunge (called muskie by sport fishers), a larger sport fish, is found in the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada. The smaller chain pickerel, which grows to about 60 cm (about 2 ft), also ranges into the southeastern United States.

Pike are small-scaled fishes with many bones and large, sharp-toothed jaws. Their silver undersides and dark green or bronze backs help to conceal them in the weeds in which they lurk in wait for fish, frogs, and small mammals. Their dorsal and anal fins are of equal size and are set far back toward the tail. Pike are solitary hunters that neither make nests nor tend eggs; instead, they scatter their eggs about in weeds, where the newly hatched fry find protection. The so-called walleyed pike are not true pike but members of the perch family.

Biology: Pikes belong to the family Esocidae. The northern pike is classified as Esox lucius, the chain pickerel as Esox niger

Angling: Unlike other common species of game fish, northern pike are most active when the water is cool. The northern pike is quite accommodating to anglers, biting best during the daylight hours. Being a predator, northerns prefer live fish baits, wobbling spoons and jigs rigged with live or plastic bait. They are a favorite target of ice fisherman with tip-ups.