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Lake Trout- and Lake Trout Fishing Lures

Lake Trout Fishing Lures are separated by Lake Trout Fishing Lure Manufacturer.
    Lake Trout
    Lake Trout
    Salvelinus namaycush

    Recommended Lake Trout Fishing Lures:

    MS Slammer Hand Crafted Swimbait  

    Original MS Slammer Original MS Slammer
    MS Slammer X-2 MS Slammer X-2
    MS Slammer X-3 MS Slammer X-3

    Bait Rigs Tackle Lake Trout Fishing Lures

    Esox Cobra MAGNUM Musky Jig Bait Rigs Esox Cobra MAGNUM Musky Jig
    Esox Cobra MAGNUM Musky Jig Lake Trout Cobra Jig heads
    Esox Cobra Reaper Tails Bait Rigs ESOX Cobra Reaper Tails
    ESOX Cobra Grub Tails ESOX Cobra Grub Tails
    ESOX Cobra Shad Tails Esox Cobra Tails Shad Series
    ESOX Cobra Shad Tails Lake Trout Tandem Quickset Rigs

    Strike Pro USA - Water Striker Series  


    Habitat: Lake trout require, cold, clear, well oxygenated water, so they are found almost exclusively in oligotropic lakes. In summer they often move to depths of 50 to 100 feet, but in spring and fall you can find them at depths of 20 feet or less. They prefer water from 40 to 52 degree F. The siscowets live at depths of 330 to 500 feet, but have been found as deep as 600 feet.

    In the United States Lake trout are found in the Great Lakes and all states bordering Canada but also include California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Utah. In Canada lake trout are found in all Canadian Provinces.

    Lake trout are long-lived and do not reach sexual maturity until 6-8 years of age. While the average lake trout in Lake Michigan today weighs around seven pounds, some of the larger trophy fish are three feet long and weigh as much as 25 pounds. In Canada and in western US States Lake trout can be substantially larger. The world record lake trout a 102 pounder was caught in a gillnet in Lake Athabasca, Saskatchewan, in 1961.

    Angling: Lake Trout In most waters, lake trout rely heavily on small fish like ciscoes, smelt, sculpins and even small lake trout. But in some lakes, they feed almost exclusively on plankton, insects, or crustaceans. To catch lake trout, like all fish you need to match their pray, the most common way to catch lake trout is trolling but casting is also effective. Common lure selection for large lake trout are: large swimbaits, spoons, jerk bait and jigs with large tails work very well. Common lure selection for medium to small lake are: small swimbaits, jerk or twitch baits, jigs, flies crankbaits, spoons, spinner and inline spinner baits.

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