Metallic Walleye Blades

Bait Rigs Tackle

2-Tone Metallic Blade Colors

2-Tone Metallic Walleye Blade Colors

Bait Rigs Tackle Co. LLC of Madison WI. proudly introduces its new line of Metallic Walleye Spinner Blades  available in a variety of unique solid and 2-tone patterns. Metallic Walleye Blades are producing big water walleyes. Favored by top Pros and avid anglers, Metallic blades are fast becoming the preferred choice in the Great Lakes, Boundary Waters, Reservoirs and big water lakes and rivers across the country and Canada. Metallic Walleye Blades feature a Deep-Cup, high lift  design that produces more flash and vibration than conventional blades. These deep-cup, high lift blades ride higher over structure and will continue to spin at dead slow speeds. Metallic Walleye Blades are available in sizes #5 and #6 Colorado in (7) solid colors: Purple, Blue, Chartreuse, Red, 14KT Gold, Copper and Nickel. 2-Tones Colors: Purple / Blue, Chartreuse / Red and Green / Chartreuse. Metallic Walleye Blades can be purchased individually, in a variety of kits and as complete spinner rig harnesses.

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