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#8 Esox Cobra Willow Spinner  Blade
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    #8 Esox Cobra® Willow Muskie Spinner Blades

    • Ideal for Muskie or Pike lure builders or upgrade existing spinners and bucktails
    • Deep Dish Willow Blade with 3/8" deflection
    • Dimensions 3 3/4" long by 1 5/16" wide
    • Hexagon Black Nickel Metallic $3.99 each
    • Hexagon Copper Metallic $3.99 each
    • Firetiger (with clear coat crystalina) $3.99 each
    • Hexagon Nickel Metallic $3.89 each
    • Hexagon 14KT Gold Metallic $4.59 each
    • Solid Orange (both sides) $3.89 each
    • Veiw All Bait Rigs Musky Spinner Blades
    Hexagon Black Nickel Spinner Blade
    Black Nickel
    Hexagon Copper Spinner Blade
    Firetiger Spinner Blade
    Hexagon Gold Spinner Blade
    14 kt Gold
    Hexagon Nickel Spinner Blade
    Orange Spinner Blade
    #8 Esox Cobra Willow Muskie Blade Colors

    The #8 Esox Cobra® Willow Muskie Blades are the finest, high performance Muskie blades available in metallic and painted finishes. Unique Hexagon metallic finishes produce more flash and vibration than either smooth or hammered finishes. All painted blades are coated on both sides to produce more color in rotation. Extra care and expense is taken to clear coat blades in a durable epoxy, that is chip proof and completely impervious to worm oils that destroy and discolor ordinary painted blades when they come in contact with plastic tails.

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