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#11 WilloBeast Spinner  Blade
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    Product Descriptions

    #11 WilloBeast™ Willow Spinner Blades

    • World's Largest # 11 Willow Spinner Blade
    • Unequalled Flash Action
    • Super Search Blade
    • Dimensions 4 5/8" long by 1 3/4" wide, .028 thickness
    • Less Pull then #10 Magnums
    • Price Color Each:
    • Hexagon Black Nickel, Hexagon Copper, Firetiger & Hexagon 14KT Gold, = $6.79,
    • Hexagon Nickel & Glitter Orange = $5.79
    • Veiw All Bait Rigs Musky Spinner Blades

    52.5 inch Musky Caught on the Willobeast XXX

    Black Nickel
    Hexagon Black Nickel Blade Hexagon Copper Blade Firetiger Blade

    14 kt Gold
    Glitter Orange
    Hexagon 14kt Gold Blade Hexagon Nickel Blade Glitter Orange Blade

    The world's largest, high performance, #11 willow blade, the WilloBeast™ produces more flash with less pull then #10 Magnum blades. The unique new WilloBeasts can be fished faster then other big blades to cover more water, making them an excellent search and trigger blade. WilloBeast™ blades are built to the highest quality standards with solid brass base metal and high quality finishes. Painted blades are clear coated, making them impervious to plastics that destroy standard painted finishes. Metallic Hexagon patterns include, 14kt Gold, Black Nickel and Nickel finishes.

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