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#10 Magnum Preyfish Spinner Blade
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    Product Descriptions

    New UV Ultra - Violet Blades

    #10 Magnum PreyFish® Musky Spinner Blades

    • Ideal for Musky or Pike lure builders or upgrade existing spinners and bucktails
    • Eight life-like bait fish images $5.49 each
    • UV Ultra - Violet Blades
    • Deep Dish Magnum (Indiana) Blade
    • Dimensions 3" long by 1 3/4" wide
    • Veiw All Bait Rigs Musky Spinner Blades
    #10 Magnum PreyFish Musky Blade Colors
    Black Sucker
    Golden Shiner
    Black Sucker Preyfish Blade Bluegill Preyfish Blade Cisco Preyfish Spinner Blade Crappie Preyfish Blade Golden Shiner Preyfish Spinner Blade

    Silver Shiner
    Yellow Perch
    Shad/Whitefish Preyfish Blade Silver Shiner Preyfish Blade Yellow Perch Preyfish Blade Yellow Perch Preyfish Blade

    The #10 Magnum PreyFish Blades are a breakthrough technology, PreyFish Imagining, the industry’s most natural bait fish pattern Muskie blades.

    The #10 Magnum PreyFish™ Blades feature an EXCITING NEW TECHNOLOGY, PreyFish Imaging, the industry’s most natural, life-like, bait fish Images to date. PreyFish Muskie Blades are the result of a new high definition technology that displays live, bait fish images beneath the surface of a Musky Blade, ensuring that the image is protected from scratches and chips. All Prey Fish patterns reflect UV Ultra-Violet rays. Depending on water clarity, fish can see UV blades up to 7 times further than ordinary blades.

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